Firefly Day!

13 years ago today, the last episode of Firefly was aired on Fox. They decided to end it after one season. Now, if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re a fan…if you’re not a fan, just know that most of us are still upset that stupid FOX cancelled our favorite show, so now there’s a big gaping hole where awesomeness used to be…we’re left to just re-watch the season…singular…and the movie in sadness and longing. Always longing for more. Although, at this point, I’m just not sure it’d be the same, though if they did try to make another season…it’s like a double edged sword because on one hand, it’d be great to have another season to feed the need, but then what if it wasn’t what we thought and hoped it would be? Or what if, God forbid, anything happened to Joss during the writing of the second season?? Then what?? Another Dollhouse?! Blargh! It’s almost like why mess with something so perfect?

If you haven’t watched this show…let me tell you, it is…AMAZING. The writing is clever, the characters are intriguing and the stories are enthralling. Each one feels like a movie in and of itself. Of course, Fox aired the episodes out of order, so that could be why it didn’t do as well…I blame them for this…ah-hem…anyway…the pilot episode “Serenity” is a little long feeling if you’re not familiar with it. Once you’ve watched the series a few times, you grow a fond love of that episode. This is sorta what it’s like:



True story. To both.

And now I have an unhealthy obsession. I have all of the comics, I have the awesome Legacy action figures, the dictionary, the anniversary edition book which includes scripts, interviews and all sorts of other shiny things, I have all of the Firefly Loot Crate Exclusive subscription boxes that have come out so far, I have all but one of the games….I even have a purse that my bff and sister got for me! SOOO much Firefly stuff! I just want to submerge myself in it. I literally watch at least one episode per day (I go through phases like that…I’m sure it won’t last forever, but right now, it’s been ongoing for about 5 months)…I just can’t get enough of it for some reason!

And today, we mourn the death of our favorite show, Kayla and I do. We will have Mudder’s Milk for dinner (without alcohol because we don’t want to fall asleep) and Strawberries for a snack…since it’s just the two of us, we didn’t really plan for much more food than that…but there’s plenty of other things you could make and do to celebrate! And maybe next year, when Firefly Day falls on a Saturday, we’ll explore that a little more. But for now, it’s just a few hours we get…next year, we’re going to watch the whole series and the movie in honor of today.

I guess all I can say at this point is, if you haven’t checked this show out, you’re really missing out. If you decide to watch it…just know that Kaylee is me…like, in real life…I’m her. Mostly…except the whole talking to people thing…she does that, I don’t really like people much. But her bubbly personality and seeing the bright side of every single situation; that’s me.

If you’re going to celebrate today, let me know what you’re going to do! Maybe we can share ideas!

As always, thanks for reading! ❤

Stay shiny!

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