Hooray for USA! Voting for President DOES NOT MATTER!

That’s right. You heard me. Your vote doesn’t actually matter…at least not in NY…which is where I live. If you actually read how our system works…this article explains it really well.

So, Trump, Clinton, Your Mom…doesn’t matter who’s on the ballot for President. Doesn’t that make you feel so good?? God, I just love this country. It’s really too bad all of my family and friends are here…I’d be a good candidate to move to another country…or just live in the woods and off the land, but I couldn’t leave them behind. So, I think I’ll just skip voting this year. “WHAAAT?! But all of those women who faught for your right to vote, Val!” Yeah well, thanks, but it seems like it doesn’t matter even a little since the president isn’t elected by popular vote. I’m curious to see who would have been president if popular vote mattered after this election…as terrifying as it is, I bet it would be Trump…there are some reaaaally dumb people out there. I’m not saying that I love Clinton, but c’mon…this guy is a joke. He has no experience in politics, plus he’s going to be representing us to other countries….yikes. Scary…I’m fairly certain the electoral college isn’t going to let him win…unless they are really into fucking with the American people…which is also scary.

I wonder what would happen if no one voted. At all. I bet we’d still have an electoral college vote for who our pres would be. Why is this so messed up?! And WHY are these our only two choices?!? FML. Seriously.

Our system is super messed up and someone should fix that shit, but they won’t because politicians are corrupt and don’t actually want anything to change…make America great again? When are you talking about?! We’re terrible people! Let’s start from the beginning, we took over the country from the people who were living here first and killed them and took away their homes (immigration policy much?), and then we had slaves…forcing human beings to work for white people for free and then beating them, hanging them, raping them…yeahhh…that’s a great time in our history! Oooh, or how about when those slaves were freed, we made them use separate bathrooms and water fountains and they had to sit in a different section of the bus or a restaurant, and then when they wanted to be treated fairly, we rejected the idea and were violent and hateful and hurtful. Or how about the time we segregated the Japanese because of our fear? All great times in our history, right?! And then more recently, we have the hatred toward homosexuals and transgender folks. We sure are awesome. And that past, man, I sure do want to go back there!! Sounds great!! Pffffffffftttt!!!! We’re the worst. So full of hatred. So full of fear. So full of self involvement and selfishness. We won’t even help people that have no where to go. What if the Native Americans did that to us back in the day? What if…I sure would like to see what that world would’ve been like. Maybe might be a little more in line with where I feel we should be…appreciating the world we live in, thanking animals for giving their lives when we kill and eat them and use their bodies for things we need, hunting and foraging and gardening. Back to basics. That…that would be great. If you want to make America great again…take away all of the stuff we have. Like actual tangible items. Turn off the internet. Turn off the TV’s. And just live. How hypocritical of me to be using the interwebs to share these thoughts…however, if we didn’t have these things, I wouldn’t feel this way and I wouldn’t feel the need to share it.

I want to live in a place where people care about each other. Aren’t concerned with tangible things or making the most money or how they can make the next big buck without concern with whom you hurt along the way. I want to live in a place where we take care of each other. Whatever I have is yours if you need it, and you do the same for me. Utopia. I just want more caring about people and less caring about stuff and money…because as it’s been said a million times…you can’t take that with you when you die.

Thanks for reading

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